Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I went Misty-eyed

Dang Wella for being bored and making this layout...

We've come a loooong way. We still haven't really managed to regularly update our group blog but we still all generally stay in touch. Half of us are already parents.

Charie and Mack are trying to conceive, after Charie beat endometriosis last year. Charie is also her usual kabute self in the ygroups but we love her anyway.

Chris has already joined Wendell in Japan. She also dealt with endometriosis last year but came out of it still sexy. She owes us Huggies diapers too. Hehe.

Con and Nel are enjoying their baby porkchop (Joaquin), born last year (May). Con's the only one of us who didn't have pregnancy problems.

Jacque is now a WAHM, thanks to Simon's promotion. She's also on major party planning mode for Simone's upcoming first birthday this Feb. Simone is the CWL Kids' beautiful panganay.

Karla and Alex have just purchased their own pad... where many of our get-togethers are sure to happen from now on. They're also TTC as we speak (and am sure they have sullied all rooms in their new place, wehehe).

Mai and Paul are counting the days till they can get to hold Baby A, who's going to be the third boy in the bunch. I'm sure the child will be worth all the pregnancy trouble Mai had to go thru (imagine vomiting around 5 times a day?)

Tin and Archie have just given birth to a giantess in the wonderful image of Andy. Am sure Tin is also breastfeeding her baby like a pro by now.

And after ten years, Wella has finally joined Nikky in the States where she is now able to pick fights show him just how much he was missed. They're also thinking of having a little weirdo running around their home soon.

And Yna and Xean are now on a great adventure in Singapore, meeting new friends and enjoying new jobs.


So much has changed and yet, so much has stayed the same. We're all still friends, after all. We're all still crazy, after all. Those who were OC before are still OC now.

I have nothing but good wishes for my friends, who have been a source of inspiration and comfort and laughter so many times.

And I can't think of a cuter bunch of kids than the ones we're all having :D

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