Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quiet Weekend

My darling husband's flight got delayed so he ended up having to stay another day in China, and got home last Friday instead.

Words will not be able to say how much we missed him. And Yakee had a gift of sorts for his Pop... last Thursday, he first willfully turned over on his front. Friday, he's already able to free his hand easily when he does his turn and his father couldn't be happier... and prouder!

Me... I was sort of sad because he's crossed another threshold.

Oh, add to this milestone is the fact that he's really able to move across the bed through crawls largely due to him kicking. Soon, he'd really be rolling over and crawling for good, I just know it.

Where has my baby gone? Sniff, sniff.

We also brought Yakee to the pedia yesterday, partly because he refuses to feed right during the day and partly because he's been sneezing and coughing and snoring for the past three days.

The pedia said his lungs sounded clear and since Yakee remains active and fever-free, all we could do is observe if he'd really develop coughs and colds. The coughing could also be due to pooled saliva, hehe. And then there's the fact that weirdly enough, Yakee gained .7 kg in just 11 days (to think that before that, he only gained .3 kg in over a month).

Hubs and I vowed to not end up like those parents who rush to the doctor for any little thing. But I guess it's really hard for first-time parents to just trust their instincts too. Plus of course, better err on the side of caution. At least am assured that Yakee is healthy... and validated that breastfeeding is helping him thrive the right way.

Because it does seem like he has colds, a mild form of it. But other than us being troubled by his breathing, he doesn't even seem to be bothered by it. He's still happy as a lark who loves to sleep all the time.

To celebrate our son's good health, we bought crabs and had it cooked guinataan style. We also movie-marathoned all of Saturday: Knocked up, Heartbreak Kid, final episode of The Amazing Race and then Capote.

Something more to celebrate too... hubs submitted this picture I took in Davao in their company's regional Photo Contest (Wonderful World). It's not really a photo contest where you have to mind apertures and lighting and composition etc... but you had to submit a photo depicting the theme. Anyway, he captioned this picture "HELPING HANDS" :) We won second prize (a new cam, I think).

And despite being strapped for disposable income, hubs has given me the go signal to plan our IT for a trip up north this Holy Week. Oooohhh, my itching feet are ecstatic!

How did your weekend go?


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