Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Missing Pappie


It's not coincidence that I fuss and cry in Mommy's arms when I know you're around. Because yes, I want you to hold me. I have Mommy the rest of the day and it's only at night that I get to be in your arms. I love Mommy and I won't ever get tired of having her cuddle me and play with me, but I love you too. And I like being in your arms, feeling very secure in your softness, remembering those nights in the hospital when I was just born and feeling scared of this new world and you comforted my fears away.

I miss you Pappie. I miss looking up and smiling at you. I'm behaving for Mommy and trying to be less fussy so she won't worry and cry. And I can't wait to be kicking in your arms again, gurgling and vocalizing and reminding you of Mommy's love for you.

I love you Pappie, you're the best ever!


Hay mahal... your babies miss you. Take care over there in China and see you Thursday.


Trivia: Yakee was conceived before the same trip Jojo made last year, hehe.

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