Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Save Buckets

If yours is a household like ours, where part of the house is filled with chargers, cables, hard disks and gadgets in general (read my hubs' Asus eee post for an idea just how many we have), then you're probably always looking for good deals, like us!

Fortunately for the world, there is the internet which makes price and feature comparison more convenient. It's real easy, all we have to do is click. And click. And click.

I've chanced upon Save Buckets.co.uk, a site where you can literally find great deals on the usual hot items that husbands and wives alike drool over and save for. Mp3 players, electronic games, sports equipment and accessories, even computer hardware and home furnishings are easily searchable. You can choose to look for them per shop or per category.

There's even an FAQ page for easy reference. Isn't that neat?

Now I just need to save up so I can buy my uber wonderful hubby a nifty treat.

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