Thursday, February 28, 2008

Awards and Tags

Awarded these by Yna and Heidi and Abie and Mai


I greatly appreciate receiving these but shall not forward it to anyone anymore, not because others aren't worthy but because i've seen the same in other's blogs :)

Tagged by Sujee and Jeng

1. Today I feel very--- worried about how much fussy Yakee will get over his growing teeth
2. I enjoy --- Project Runway and just smelling my husband and son.
3. I am unhappy when --- there are things to be unhappy about, like conflicts, sickness... or a shop/restaurant has run out of the something I want.
4. I feel good when --- i've gotten enough sleep.
5. I wish my boss --- would stop being a people pleaser so my former colleagues will appreciate her more
6. My officemates think --- (used to think) I make great desserts
7. My work area is --- every inch of my home, and thank heavens I don't have to clean it
8. I enjoy reading about --- celebrities, inventions, babies, relationships
9. I like myself best when --- my baby smiles back at me
10. If I had a choice I would --- probably do more travelling
11. I wish --- I can find others ways to earn money while at home (and no, I can't sell stuff)
12. Tomorrow I would like to --- get a massage

I am tagging mg CWL sisters :)

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