Friday, February 29, 2008

Wedding Expo

The 12th edition of the Wedding Expo is happening this March 8-9, 2008 at the PICC Forum, CCP Complex. For sure, it's going to be another success, for sure there will be millions-worth of bookings, for sure the best (and more/most expensive) suppliers will be exhibiting.

I think we attended three such expos before getting married. The first one, we were just looking. The second one, we bought the unity coins and checked out the photographers, the third time, just because I was already a wedding expo addict.

Then we went to another one with my cousin and sister... they had great fun trying the treats at the chocolate fountain areas while we bought cake and Chamdor wine (oh, we were also looking for suppliers for our uncle). And now I am tempted again to ask hubs to go. But how do I avoid all the pamphlets and brochures they're handing out? I can't exactly tell them am just on some weird date with hubs, can I?

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