Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cabinets for Yakee

Because Yakee is worm-crawling like crazy already, it's not going to take long before he's really in trouble in our home. In trouble because of the many gadgets and cables and things we have just lying around.

Hubs and I know we need some home improvement in the form of additional cabinets for all our stuff. We also need new kitchen cabinets installed for our pots and pans so that Yakee won't be pulling on handles and getting into accidents. I wouldn't mind investing on Accent Building Products or others like it since you don't want wood furniture splintering around a baby.

I know storage won't be a complete solution for toddler woes and it's really amazing that babyhood is so short. Sigh. Already i'm catching my son on the floor, to think he has a whole mattress to crawl and roll around in.

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