Friday, February 15, 2008

Guarantee Your Good Name

There is an estimated nine million Americans whose identities get stolen each year. Identity Theft is a serious crime, one that the US has been fighting for years now and takes many forms. Thieves establish accounts and credit using your name and you only find out when the debt collector comes calling.

This is where Lifelock.Com comes in, with their offer of Promotion Code RD 32 that offers protection from identity theft at a discount. LifeLock Promotion Codes equate to package offers that are not stripped of any service, you get the whole package, you enjoy every protection being offered.

Lifelock also offers a $1M guarantee that simply means you get one million dollars when your identity gets stolen so you can restore your credit and resolve all the other issues resulting from the identity theft. That is how confident they are that they can look after your identity and shield it from criminals who might want to live the good life off your hard-earned money.

For only $99 a year ($22 for kids), your good name is safeguarded. And you are assured nights of good sleep. Trust me, you' rather insure your name and credit now than deal with the hassle of having them challenged later.

Just make sure to use the Promo Code to avail of the discount.

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