Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hotel Reservations

Our marriage has not really suffered despite the latest addition to our family. I like to think we have adjusted fairly well to the changes, compromises and surprises so we need not exactly 'revive' our relationship.

We are also agreed that we will be vacationing with a baby in tow. It is simply out of the question to leave Yakee behind especially since I am still breastfeeding him. Plus, we would also be so absorbed in wonderings over how he is, we'd really just have more fun with him along.

My difficult pregnancy last year deprived us of last-minute vacation time before our baby's arrival. You know, those pre-delivery bondings that are advisable to have because things are never going to be the same and the new addition will demand so much, it's going to be a long time before you and your spouse has time together again to really unwind.

So now, we are planning our long-overdue getaway. Hubs has asked me to plan our itinerary and deal with hotel reservations. We're only heading north this March, however.

But, we also have this plan B of sorts, if our Family Plan A won't push through, to visit relatives and friends in the US or Australia next year. HotelReservations.com, a very helpful site that also lists bed and breakfast, condo rentals or discount club membership, can help us find good hotels and resorts.

The site also offers flight information and vacation packages and gives away hotel discounts. Checking their rates, I would say they offer pretty competitive packages (click on the 'Guaranteed Lowest Rates' link) for worldwide destinations. If all that is not enough to entice someone, surely the fact that they do not charge change or cancellation fees should do the trick! Personally, considering my husband's toxic work schedule, that is an incentive i'd sure like to have!

Patrons from the US, or those working with US-based IPs and telephony systems can also call their toll-free number for more info and questions. And those still in their planning stages can utilize their City Guide in coming up with an unforgettable itinerary.

If Plan A doesn't work, then we could be hightailing to friends in California early next year! All with a little help from sites like HotelReservations.com, of course.

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