Monday, February 25, 2008

Yesterday, we cried

Yup. Yesterday, my uber wonderful husband and I cried. In the middle of a birthday party. Jacque's Simone's first birthday party, in fact.

I was taking pictures of the cupcakes when I saw my husband beckoning to me. I thought that Yakee pooped but Jojo told me to look at Yakee's lower gums.

And there they were, two slivers of white that told us he's already growing teeth. My eyes immediately watered, and Jojo also started wiping his own as we brought a deluge of kisses to our firstborn. We kept saying how proud we were of him, how happy, how much loved he is, etc.

But of course, there was sadness too... our baby is growing as sure as sunrises and sunsets.

And of course, THAT explained why he's been hurting me during breastfeeding!


His Tita Ninang's loving laugh also filled our home after she saw the teeth. And MIL texted to tell us she's cooking igado and fried chicken for him when next we visit.


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