Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's Cute

~ when he's in deep sleep and his mouth is open, just like his dad's
~ or when he smiles when he sleeps
~ or smiles when he's stirring
~ or smiles back at me when he opens his eyes

It's even cute
~ when he smiles after 'biting' on my nips with his gums
~ or when he's sort of scolding me, after he's gotten to crying before I get to nurse him... making those 'ngunguy' sounds, as if reprimanding my breast
~ or when he sucks on his right thumb, or two fingers from his left hand

It's cute
~ when he rolls around on the bed, even in his sleep
~ or whe he's vocalizing, shrieking and sounding like a cat in heat
~ or the way he'd hug and toss his burp cloth or pillow around
~ and then wriggle and kick when these fall on his face

And he's so adorable
~ when he gleefully kicks and splashes water about when am bathing him
~ or the way he'd kick and smile and gurgle from delight when I wipe his face with a wet cloth
~ even when he fusses because it's time to change his nappies
~ or because he'd rather be sitting, or standing up (of course, with Mommy's support)

Every day and every hour is filled with 'awww' moments, even if he's only sleeping... or when he's zeroed in on something flying... or he seems upset that we're not feeding him what we're eating...

Days are filled with challenges of course, but his cuteness overwhelms all the trials into nothing...

And though I am partly dismayed that he's the spitting image of me, at least he got to be the cuter version...

But most of all, he's cutest when his eyes light up because of me and Pappie... same way that Pappie is cutest when he's holding baby.

So, ok... this is just your Mommy gushing over you... am entitled anyway :)

Love you, baby. Love your longganiza fingers and toes, the dimples in your hands, your fine hair, your nose that you hate having me clean, your scent, your sound, your feel...

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