Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Office Furniture for Home

My husband and I have been hemming and hawing about investing on office furniture for our home. See, we can live without a sofa set but we both very much work at home and it's really not nice to see our dining table littered with papers and laptop cables and accessories.

In searching for desk designs that will fit our requirements, I chanced upon which offers office desks in varied shapes and sizes. Price Point (their starter range of office desks) also provides a huge selection of complementary storage and tables. The site has such great confidence in their desks that they are offering an eight-year guarantee on these, which boast of 25mm thick tops and extra vertical supports that reduce bowing. Such qualities are very enticing for those with fully-accessorized desktops or who use other gadgets nearby when working. No wonder they are a trusted brand in the UK. also offers other kinds of furniture, from office to bistro to classroom needs. Their list of office storage items is also pretty extensive. Guarantees for metal filing cabinets, perfect for really important files, can go up to fifteen years. The site also offers safes. And all these at pretty competitive prices.

I am personally interested in their Stealth cantilever desks and drives me to imagining of getting two for my husband and I. It would be awfully nice to be working facing my husband.

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