Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When is a marriage over?

Such a serious and sad topic in this month of hearts. Especially since we are happily married.

But my berks are currently discussing it. So I discussed it with Baby Jojo (he misses being referred to like that).

A marriage can be over for so many reasons and for different things. But ultimately, it is over when ONE or BOTH of you are unwilling to work on it, when you're unwilling to compromise. You just can't make a marriage work when you're fighting with each other, and from different sides. You can't work on a marriage alone, or keep picking up the slack of your partner, or cleaning up his mess for him. The marriage won't work or succeed if you keep denying there is something wrong.

The marriage won't also succeed if you keep forgiving a partner who is truly never sorry for hurting you.

And even if you remain married till the day you both die, if you don't feel as if you were treated with the love and respect you deserved... if you cannot really say it was a happy marriage, then you still would have failed.

And the marriage, even given the fact that you and your spouse stayed together... it has already failed. Or ended.

Anyway, for my part, I told my friends that my marriage is over when I reach a point where i'd rather die than stay married to Jojo.

And though hubs loves me very much, it still made me sad to think of that possibility... however really slim.

I asked him the same question... and he said... "Our marriage is over if, in the next lifetime, I wouldn't end up marrying you."


Good answer! :)


He woke up to find my belated Valentine gift/advance Anniversary gift of the latest Hugo Boss scent on his laptop.

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