Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On Guardian Angels

A friend's sister was just learning to crawl when their father found her on the third step from the top of the stairs. He ran to get her but it was amazing that she didn't fall off the stairs.


Another friend, when he was a baby, fell off his 13-year old sister's arms. He hit a narra side table which split in two but he didn't have any bump or bruise after the incident.


A friend woke up from accidentally falling asleep while caring for her son... to find her son on the floor, playing with her slippers.


In the wee hours of one morning, a pandesal seller was surprised to see a baby crawling on the street.


When I was having an allergy attack, unable to breathe, Pyro woke up crying. I was unable to attend to him immediately (because I was gasping for breath nga!). Then he stopped crying. I thought my cousin got him. It was only later that we realized that at age two, he went down the stairs all by himself... in his pyjamas (you know those loose ones that ride low on the waist and cover up the feet?).


Yakee fell off the sofa yesterday. He was sleeping prone on it, and a chair served as a rail on his side. My cousin left him alone for a while to cook dinner. When she went to check on him, he was already covered in his blankets and wriggling/kicking on the floor.

He wasn't crying then. But when my cousin picked him up, he started to cry... a different cry, as if he's been hurt. Or maybe because he was sleeping and felt woken up.

My cousin then went to me to tell me what happened... gave Yakee to me so I can comfort him. And Yakee stopped crying and smiled, then started rooting. And I cried.

Of course, I didn't know the details then yet... the knowledge that he has fallen for the first time, and the endless possibilities of injuries just overwhelmed me. Plus, I felt like a failure as a Mother... that it was my fault. And I was scared of what Jojo would say.

I immediately texted Jojo about it, and apologized...and asked him not to be angry with me because I felt really bad already. Good thing he really loves me... but since he's a bigger worrywart, he was concerned that Yakee might have internal injuries.

I've been observing Yakee and he seems fine, though he was a little fussier last night (then again, the fourth month is growth spurt time too). He still plays a lot. And sleeps a lot. And kicks and shrieks and chortles. A lot.

I think he's going to be fine... but I still feel bad about his fall. At first I wondered aloud that Yakee might not have a guardian angel, because he was allowed to fall. Then I realized later that I was wrong, because the guardian angel did make sure that his blankets will cushion his fall.

And he is alright.


Sometimes, I even think that guardian angels actually carry the babies and save them from falls... and lay them down on the floor where they'd be safe. And since babies cannot tell us about it, we're just left wondering how it happened.

Because there was a rail of sorts where Yakee was sleeping. And for him to go past that and fall would have meant he'd really be hurt (being face down) and surprised, and we'd have been alerted by piercing cries and screams.


Yakee baby, Mommy is still sorry. Love you.

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