Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stretch Marks

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately looked for a possible solution to prevent stretch marks.

See, I already had them around my behind, when it first stretched to accommodate my hip development when I hit puberty. Plus, may I just say that I have a huge butt. Then, I had some more when I started gaining weight (around the time I met my husband-to-be). So I knew I shouldn't be surprised to have some (or a lot) when my tummy starts showing.

As luck would have it, I started having them around the seventh or eighth month, because my tummy only started really growing when I hit my sixth month. I guess that was blessing enough.

I had my Mom from the US send me some stretch mark cream. I also did my best to generously moisturize as often as I can during the day. I also made sure, when am taking a bath, to scrub in circular motion all over my body and especially underneath my tummy, because that was where the striae were concentrated.

Oh, during the latter part of my pregnancy, I also had some on the side of my boobs.

One of the more trusted brands, per DivasBlog.Com, to prevent or lighten stretch marks is Revitol stretch mark cream. Just foillow the directions for use and use it diligently.

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