Friday, February 22, 2008

Snag A Job

One of the short or long-term plans hubs and I are considering is living an expat life. Since he works in the IT field, there are a lot of opportunities abroad availble for him should he choose to grab them. And a good thing about these jobs is that some companies are willing to sponsor the whole family.

Of course, living abroad might mean i'd have to stay a SAHM for good since help will be very expensive... or i'd have to go back to the workforce to augment our income because of the higher cost of living there. Or I should at least work part-time.

Good thing there's where you can easily search for full-time hourly jobs or part-time gigs. It offers more than 100,000 jobs in all the popular industries, including restaurant, retail and call center jobs. also covers job availabilities across the country: If you’re looking for Washington, District of Columbia jobs, Pittsburgh jobs or jobs anywhere else (I will admit to being partial over Chicago), they’ve got one for you.

They also offer the latest job news and other cool hourly workplace observations in

So at least this minimizes the worry on whether I can help support our family over there.

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