Friday, February 22, 2008

what's your oldest stored message?

I was having a pedicure done yesterday and chanced upon an article on some mag about oldest stored cellphone messages.

If you check my phone, the oldest you'll see i the inbox is a message from my now MIL, thanking me for something, reminding me of how a marriage is a sacred covenant and asking about my Mom and Pyro. It was sent six days before I married his son.

But the oldest message saved in my phone, tucked away in its own folder, is this:

"Nag-enjoy me practis ng kiss mahal muah" (12-21-2005, 11:31 PM)

It was sent after we realized we didn't know how to kiss after the priest tells us that we can already kiss. So we practiced.

Turns out, the priest would forget to tell Jojo he can already kiss me... and he had to wonder for a moment why we're still facing him with expectant, questioning expressions. He realized why in time and said something like, "Oh of course, you may now kiss the bride" :D


What about you, what's the oldest message stored in your cell?

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