Sunday, February 17, 2008

Till Death Parted Them Too Soon

I was infinitely saddened by one of the stories reported on by Inside edition, wherein a bride dies during her first dance on their wedding day.

It was made more heartbreaking by the video that showed the groom breaking down while saying his vows just minutes before his new wife would die of a heart attack in his arms. Literally minutes because after they were blessed as husband and wife, they walked down the aisle and outside the Church... to the reception area where they immediately danced what should have been a first of many.

Truly one of the most devastating things to happen ever.

I feel sorry for the groom and have said prayers for him. And I know it will take time for him to appreciate the beauty of this very painful experience: that his bride died happy, that she died knowing she has found true love, that she died feeling loved.

I mean, if you were in their shoes, would you have done things differently? Would you not have gotten married if you knew you only had a short time to enjoy being married?

I'm not saying I wouldn't feel anguish the minute I feel something's wrong, but I think it's a sadder thing to not have been married to the love of my life.

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