Thursday, March 13, 2008

Family Issues and Concerns

First, there's hubs' work. Because of some problems with the Management, some of the engineers under hubs resigned. This greatly stressed hubs because he's very close with his engineers, the resignation will affect their projects, and it will result in other changes at work.

Hubs considered that he could be fired, demoted or forced to resign, depending on the outcomes. And he felt depressed about these possibilities, feeling he has allowed our family to be put in a vulnerable situation. After all, I am a SAHM now and we have a child. To his credit, all his engineers have nothing but praises for him as their boss, and he has built a good reputation in their company.

I wouldn't say I am not worried that he'll be out of work. Even if we can afford to be objective and hopeful, and even if it hasn't happened yet, I do worry. It's always a possibility. But like what I keep telling him, though we don't have a lot of assets, we at least have enough to sustain us for three months or so, in case he loses his job or resigns. So, I wory but not that much.

Hubs, on the other hand, seems to be weighed down with so much pressure and I wish I can do more to ease some of it. I guess it's really different for breadwinners. Plus, I know how he's been obsessed with providing for our family so such things are bound to threaten him.

God is good. I know our family is still going to be alright.


Last night, hubs went home early to drive me to meet up with some Moms i've befriended from the net. Then he went back home to care for Yakee.

Needless to say, I had a blast. It was very refreshing to have adult conversation in the form of girlfriends but what was even greater for me was knowing my husband fully supports and understands that I need a social life. Not all wives can say that they are trusted and respected as I am.

And for last night, I loved my husband all the more.

Of course, I got home at midnight scared that my son is pining away already and hubs already at wits' end. Turned out, he slept for most of the six hours I was away and only really drank one of the three bottles of breastmilk I left for him.


As Yakee was nursing last night and I was drifting off to sleep, one of the few times I could actually fall asleep in side-lying breastfeeding position, I was awakened by serios pain.

My son bit my nips, not because his gums are itchy but because he can. It wasn't his usual nipping, it was more like he's testing how much bite he has.

I yelped. Loudly. Hubs was awakened too.

Today, I was nursing him again and was feeling tired while doing it when he bit me again! And as quickly as the pain flared, my hand came up to spank his thigh. Good thing that when I saw my hand ready to strike, I caught it in time. I felt so bad and yet so angry (I never liked getting hurt) so I scolded my son in a firm, and what I hoped was cold, voice.

It's happened at least three more times today, the gigil biting and i'm already going crazy! I'm just hoping that I never get to spank my son though.


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