Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Going to the Beach

This boy here is going to the beach for the first time!

The family has been invited by family friends to Bataan and we're going tomorrow. MIL has already vowed that she and Yakee won't be separated all the time we'll be there so am hoping I can get much-needed rest.

Hubs and I are excited because we haven't gone away for fun for over a year. Plus, hubs needs to relax and unwind from all the stress at work he's had to deal with. I, on the other hand, really missed the beach and outdoors. But being a Mom, I am also stressed with the packing and worries over my son taking to his new environement.

Hubs and I lack sleep... and there have been moments when I literally want my old, single life back. That's how exhausted I am.

But since the excitement is overwhelming the exhaustion, I guess i'll be ok. And if you haven't already noticed, I bought my baby red swimming trunks just for the ocassion. Actually, we're bringing his pool so he can play there... we'd probably dip him in the ocean up to his waist only, because I don't like saltwater getting to his eyes, irritating him, and ruining our happy bath times.

I'm psyched!

May we have a smooth journey tom... and happy vacation to all those going home to provinces. I know it's Holy Week and not really a time for happiness but still... have a good unwinding, you all!

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