Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gift Registry

When hubs and I got married, we didn't have time anymore to register for the gifts that we really wanted. Such a pity really because it could have saved us a lot of money since we had to go out and buy a lot of things still in the first few days of our marriage. Most of our weding gifts? Gathering dust in a cabinet!

Anyway, when I was browsing gift registry sites one day, I came upon The site has a lot of really amazing and luxurious stuff I would really love to have.

Take for example sterling silver frames. I love taking pictures and love being surrounded by them so these frames would have been the loveliest and most perfect ones to house favorite photos or other documentation of love. They also have the most exquisite silver plated flatware, which reminded me that hubs and I have yet to save for flatware of our own design and with the family initials and reminders (see, we wanted the spoons to be stamped with the word WORK while the forks will be stamped with PLAY).

And of course, to complement the fine flatware, the site also offers gold banded dinnerware. Perfect for formal affairs and special occasions.

There are other things being sold at the site, like jewelry and baby stuff. So I guess for those who are about to wed, they can check the site out for their classy wants.

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