Monday, March 17, 2008

If not mailboxes...

... then maybe address plaques for your home?

It's already been established that residential mailboxes need not be boring (see my post on Whitehall mailboxes), there are so many designs to choose from and it's already in vogue to customize it according to one's preferences and idiosyncracies.

But then, one other way to give your home a more regal feel to it is having address plaques made for your home's facade. It can be as simple as just the house number and street name, or really personalized like announcing who lives there and when you got married (yeah, perfect wedding gift eh?).

It's not just old manors and mansions and Park Avenue homes that can sport these. So long as you have somewhere to mount it, feel free to have one made and installed. It will also give your postman one less reason to say your mail was undeliverable because he couldn't find your address.

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