Monday, March 17, 2008

In Love

At Church yesterday, hubs hugged me and told me, "I know I have many faults, some are petty, but my greatest fault is not giving you a proper anniversary celebration..."

I stopped him in midsentence and said, "I know I complain much, get disappointed often and become insensitive a lot of times, but know that the bad feelings pass and I always realize how much lucky I am to have you for a husband. In the end, I always know how much loved I am."

Tsk. We're still in love. :)

The above is because we didn't get to do anything particular for our anniv, and am big on celebrations. And we haven't had a proper celebration since 2006 for our anniversaries and Valentines. He was too caught up in work stress that he even had to talk to his subordinates last Saturday night, so we only got to go to Yakee's pedia.

I will admit I sometimes find myself in a self-pitying state, envious of others who get to really go on dates or do something in a special way for their anniversaries. If lacking sleep for days, I may even cry. But those are feelings I really can't help and I know they're also deceiving. Because the truth is, hubs shows me everyday how much he loves us. And in the great scheme of things, it's not the once-in-a-blue moon surprises that count, but the everyday validation of devotion and promise.


Meanwhile, if you have a baby you fear might have UTI or is vomiting and moving his bowels more than usual, hope this helps you.

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