Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mailboxes for the Home

Since hubs and I are dreaming, daydreaming and planning to move out/buy our own home/rent this year, we also can't help but dream, daydream and plan for the layout and furniture in that new home.

We have also argued about mailboxes, if it's going to be attached to the gate or there would be a separate box by the door/gate door. I asked him whether he likes the mailboxes in suburban homes (those birdhouse-looking ones at the end of your lawm) or he'd rather choose from mailboxes with personality, you know, those ones that are created to compliment the design of the house or introduce just how quirky the people are living in that home.

I don't think i'd want a totally unique or far-out design, but I do want something that would tell something about us. And if ever someday we'd really get to build my Spanish-style dream home, I wouldn't mind a horse-drawn carriage for a mailbox to accept our mail.

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