Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Problem With Babywearing

... is that tasks sometimes get twice as long to be done or chores get complicated and doubled. How? Well, because it just promotes more yanking and pulling and kicking from my son.


Make no mistake, am glad he's taken to his sling and even falls asleep while am babywearing him. And I do get to do chores when he's asleep. But awake, he turns simple chores to Hurricane Katrinas. I'm usually left with more mess because he insists on helping with dishwashing and the like.

I didn't see that coming.


Meanwhile, we're preoccupied very much with scheduling my son's circumcision that I only have time to blog some but not really bloghop or pick up tags. Plus, Yakee is on a clingy mode... a really exhausting one. How much more when he gets circumcised kaya :(

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