Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quiet Solutions

MIL is planning to sell hubs' family's resthouse in Marinduque and invest on a new beach home according to her specifications. She wants something more eco-friendly but long lasting.

We kid her about having soundproofing at this new house since the number of her grandkids are growing. Sound proof walls will also contain the noise we make when we're there, and neighbors and nature will all remain tranquil and undisturbed.

There are sound proof floors also available now that are easy to install and pretty much cost-effective which will also supress more noise. At least, we could have the videoke in full blast without having to also regale the neighborhood with our out-of-tune renderings. This way, if one wants to commune with nature and just enjoy the twittering of birds and the sound the waves make when they hit the beach, he'd be able to without taking the fun out of those who are partying inside.

Who knows, loud videoke beltings may even be scaring the fish away. Plus, hubs and I want Yakee to play drums. At least, he and Uncle Luis can jam even when on vacation without disturbing the peace.

Soundproofing is really the quiet solution!

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