Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shall we play poker?

When a friend once had me and another friend hang out at the Casino Filipino over at Hyatt Hotel, hubs told me that one of his dreams is to have enough money to play poker in a true-blue casino. Yeah, as in rubbing elbows with the Koreans and Japanese, who seem to be coming here on some casino field trip.

Well, maybe I can ask hubs to play online poker instead.

His aunt, who is based in California, however, is already having a grand time playing online poker with top US online poker rooms still accepting US players. Of course, you just have to find thrustworthy sites that are easy to navigate, and maybe even do some minor research first to ensure you're on the easiest to navigate one that provides a lot of games you can choose from.

Since money is at stake, there is no harm in ensuring you'd have a blast in the spending of it, right?

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