Saturday, March 01, 2008


It's my first time to shop at a Toys"R"Us. And we actally thought that it was my husband who'd go ga-ga over the toys.

Well, he did go ga-ga over them, especially the cars and Optimus Prime (Transformers) action figures and high-tech Lego sets. But I was surprised that i'd also jump over certain toys myself.

I couldn't mhelp but get excited for every baby gym I see, and Jojo has to keep reminding me that Yakee already has one and we haven't used it yet. Well, it's only now that he's really pulling on toys (evidenced by the hangings on his Fisher Price rocker).

And I couldn't help but try the learning laptops! Ugh. I can't wait for Yakee to be three. Of course, he'd already appreciate electronic books (those click and push and play kind, what do you call them?) but since he already has some three similar toys, i'm not that itching to buy more.

Well, we bought a cheap set of something for a picture project I want for Yakee, and this Pigeon Food Maker set (Con gifted Mai one and I was envious! Plus, Yakee's eating soon) and a necklace teether (because Yakee gets frustrated with his teethers). Well, turns out even the bead necklace teether would frustrate him and he really prefers my finegr in a baby tongue cleaner. Oh well.

But there's one really important thing I realized on this trip: I may not have perfect control but am still really not that impulsive a shopper. Even if we can afford a lot of things there and could probably hoard stuff for Yakee, I am still not an impulsive, obsessive shopper.

It's not just about using up available csh, or wasting money... it's also about not spoiling Yakee with material things. A few really good, well-thought out toys is enough.

But yes, hubs and I swear, he'll be playing with a baby laptop. :D


And yes, we asked for a Fisher Price catalogue!

And I told hubs that I want all our kids to have their own rocker. He told me that he bought the Fisher Price one because of its durability (my cousin's is still usable after 11 years) so all our kids can use it, but I said that I want them all to each have one because I want their rocker to be their own special seat, and handing it over to a baby might make them feel displaced.


Well, we'll see.

But next time, if ever, i'll make sure to have it bought abroad because it costs twice here.

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