Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gusto Mo Bang Maging Paste?

'Gusto Mo Bang Maging Paste?' (Do you want to be paste?) asks my cousin to my salivating, drooling son because he's already very icky with his saliva. Everyday, i'm looking at his upper gum for signs of more teeth because he's gnawing and gumming on things with a vengeance.

Plus, of course, feeding him usually involves getting the food all over his chest and face and limbs as he wrestles me for the spoon everytime I feed him. I keep forgetting to give him his own spoon so he wouldn't mess with mine.

It's small consolotation that books forewarn that feeding babies will be messy, and that there is some wisdom in letting them play some with their food (maybe because it makes feeding times more enjoyable for them). Yakee, at least, is limited to blowing raspberries with his food... with so much glee that I can't do anything but forgive him.

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