Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Introducing... HEDWIG

Hedwig is my new Canon 400D Digital SLR. Had it for a week already. It's a gift from hubs, and was given complete with three Compact flash cards, a carrying bag (with cover) and a new CF reader.

I know. I am such a lucky wife. Real spoiled too. :)

Now we have something better to document Yakee's growing years with. We have a lot of learning to do, though, plus I need to save for a telephoto lens since what came with the cam package is a wide-angle one. We've gotten so used to our S2's 12x optical zoom.

And yes, I know, we seem to prefer bulky cams. But we're useed to the bulk and weight already... and the really great resolution. :)

taken by Baby Jojo while Yakeeboy was eating

And as practice ground, we took a lot of pictures at Baby Joaquin's 1st Birthday party.

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