Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Appliances?

I sometimes still can't help but dismay over some of the wedding gifts we got. And it's not that I am not thankful or appreciative really... I just can't help but wish that the gift-giver was more thoughtful though.

We ended up buying most of the things we're using in our home. And we still don't have a sofa. Hehe.

And now that I have a baby mouth to feed, I can't help but itch for an oven again, and wish that one of our four or five blenders was a food processor instead... and that we got a mixer instead of five oven toasters. And maybe a hot dog toaster (and if i'm going to be honest, my sister and BIL would want one more).

Now, we're consiering buying a bigger water dispenser... and hubs is still at me about getting a mini ref. But enough of these wishful thinking, we have to get through the major expense of a first birthday first. And hopefully, a family date this coming weekend. :)

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