Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It Is On!!!

Party mode. Party planning. Party favors.

Because for an unknown reason, Yakee woke up at 12:30 last night and refused to go back to sleep, hubs and I used the time our son was shrieking and tumbling about to talk about what kind of party we want to throw for Yakee.

See, when we're in the mood, we'd say we're going to look for a venue and have a catered something. When we're not, we say we'd just go for the generic KFC/Shakey's packages (I really don't want a Jollibee/McDo party eventhough we'd feed the kids that if it's a catered event).

Anyway, we've decided on more or less the ballpark figure we'd be working with and the MUST elements. We're still working out a theme though, and would have to get the party favors our inang kasal sent from the US since we want to really use those. Actually, I think the party favors are good because SIL asked hubs if she can decorate them already (I think there are hats that come plain, but everything else to decorate them are also provided).

I have asked Ging to reserve a date for us (October 12). And we would really check out the venues already this weekend. Meanwhile, I have to draft the budget statetement asap.

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