Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not The Greatest Love of my Life

Yakee isn't... that is.

I know, it sort of sounds criminal just putting this out there for just anyone to read. But it's true.

He is my son. It's natural that I love him. It's as natural as me loving my parents and siblings intensely. As natural as having eyes and being able to wriggle my toes. Others might counter that there are those biologically connected who do not love each other, who won't give their lives for each other. Well, that's a choice they make, not their nature talking.

For it's basic animal instinct, to care for your young. Only, humans being the most advanced get to protect their progeny thru loving ways.

So if not Yakee, then who?

Baby Hubby Jojo of course... because I am not tied to him by flesh/blood and yet I choose everyday to be with him, to grow with him, to get to know him. And it is because of this that I can appreciate the true magic, the great promise of wedded bliss. Anyone can have, or may adopt, a child and have a family that way. But marriage requires the greatest amount of surrender and compromise, regardless of the presence of children.

So do I love Yakee less?

Certainly not. I just love the men in my life differently.

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