Friday, April 11, 2008

Six Months So Fast

Last Monday (7), Yakee turned six months old. Since it was a non-working holiday, we decided to hold it at my in-laws so we were there already starting Friday night.

MIL cooked and baked like there's no tomorrow. In the four days or so we were there, we enjoyed cauldronfuls of beef stew and seafood chowder and lasagna and black and white choco chip cookies, not to mention two cakes (Conti's and Junior's Cheesecake) and at least five ice cream flavors (Coffee Crumble, 3-in-1, Vanilla, Choco Mallows, Double Dutch and my FIC pints of Choco Mint and Caramello Pastillas). And indian mangoes. And shrimps, buttered and sinigang-style. And pancit sotanghon (Conti's). And Chowking food.

So yeah, we all gained weight. And as a treat for Yakee, he tasted his first Marie biscuit and the choco caramel syrup on his cake.

He's still not trying to sit up, but since he managed to go over pillows to fall to the floor while we were napping last Monday, I guess I can say he's mastered crawling already. He also uses everything: us, pillows, the bars on our bed, the wall for support to stand up... and when you hold him standing up, he moves his feet as if he's walking.

Verbally, he's still as talkative as ever. He still expresses himself with his feet, still grosses us out with his saliva. He doesn't exactly thumbsuck, more like he uses his fingers to scratch his gums. He still gnaws on anything and everything, even my knee.

He still enjoys his baths and loves it when am feeding him. But more than all these things, his urinalysis came out clear (for several days I thought his UTI was back) and we need not worry anymore of exploratory tests and medical bills.

It says in books that feeding and sleep cycles change everytime a baby crosses a threshold, reaches a milestone. I told hubs that maybe Yakee seems high-need because these milestones of his overlap... we'd get two or three days where everything is smooth and then we're back to clueless again.


Are we complaining? Yup... me a lot of times even.

Would we want anything to change? Not in this lifetime. Esply when Yakee is already babbling Da-Da and De-De :)

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