Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Some Cash Advance Helps

All the while we thought that our health card will cover the circumcision as we were already enjoying free check-ups and labs from Intellicare. But no, phimosis is considered a congenital anomaly and circumcision has already been established as having without medical indications.


It's times like this that cash advances and payday loans come in handy. Because of my son's age, he had to be confined and required general anaesthesia. We could not get a room with other occupants because he might catch something from the patient or the patient's visitors. And although we got the smallest private room possible, our hospital bill still amounted to P25k.


Now imagine if the one who will have such a medical need does not earn that much or doesn't have enough savings to tap. This is where cash advances come in. Payday loans are heaven sent when availed for the right reasons. We just cannot plan medical emergencies and our health is the last thing we should compromise. So it's really great that they are easy to apply for and can be conveniently withdrawn, with payment options offered, no less!

We were lucky that it was actually hubs' payday then. If it was not, we wouldn't have been averse to applying for a payday loan since it's a more practical thing to do than withdraw our savings or charge it to credit when we actually had cash.

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