Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yakee's Circumcision

Finally, we were able to get a doctor to schedule his circumcision. Because he's a baby, but not a newborn, he required confinement and general anesthesia. So we got admitted at Manila Doctors last Friday afternoon and our son got circumcised yesterday at 7:00 AM.

It was hard for me because he required fasting too... so at the strike of 12 midnight, I camped on the cot while hubs put our baby to sleep. Whenever Yakee would wake up looking for some nursing, hubs would put him back to sleep again. Meanwhile, I cried where I was, unable to stop myself from thinking of Py, and feeling so bad to be separated from him for the first time (I mean, I carried him inside me for nine months and slept beside him since he was born... and now that).

He was fetched at 6:00 AM and I had to ask hubs to acompany him at the OR too... I didn't think I could handle seeing him put to sleep by anesthesia.

The only true upside I see from this situation is that I realized yet again how involved my husband is in my son's care. Baby Yakee acknowledged his father's nurturing ways and allowed him to parent him to sleep in a way he isn't really used to. Other babies would have thrown fits but he didn't. When he woke up in the morning and saw me, he made all the usual "I Want Mommy" noises but also didn't fuss as hubs carried him out.

Hubs did say he cried so hard when he was being injected with the anesthesia. :(

Circumcision isn't covered by our health card so it's really fortunate that hubs got some financial incentive at work to finance this one. We just hope that phimosis is our son's only problem and that this will stop all UTI episodes.

How is Yakee doing?

Super well that even we are scared. First thing he does after waking up from the effects of anesthesia is to roll over! And he was so crazily alert and playful last night, it took us till around 2:00 AM to get him to sleep! I don't know but he's just more active...

... well, maybe he was also putting up a show for MIL, his grandma, who got tired before he did.

But it's really us who wince in pain when he rolls over on his front and crawls around. Very high pain tolerance? Possibly.

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