Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sporty Family

That is my dream, at least, for us all to lead active lives and prefer a sporting goods store over gadgets shops.

I'd love for us to have matching shoes with No Tye Laces and headbands as we fool around playing basketball. I'd love for us to own North Face tents, don quik-dry shirts and go camping.... high up in the mountains or on the beach. I'd love to enjoy the outdoors with them, see more beautiful nature sights with them, and develop a greater love and a deeper passion in preserving the environment with them.

Whenever I imagine us in front of our respective laptops/gaming consoles/gadget and enjoying or whiling our time apart... I get sad. Outdoors, active is the better way... and sports will keep us healthy and able to actually save money in the long run as well as enjoy our time together.

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