Thursday, April 10, 2008

Think Nutrition

My little one has turned six months so a main preoccupation right now is which food to give him, how often, how much and how soon. I am really bent on giving him the healthiest options so he would also develop healthy eating habits. Hopefully, we would also eat more healthily because of him (because it is just so wrong if your child will get your bad eating habits).

So, I was scouring the net for resources and came upon, 'the ultimate tool for foodies.'

First of all, there are a lot of helpful food articles to be found on the site (look to your upper right). Then, you can post your own recipes, get it analyzed for its nutritional values and share it with your friends. Isn't that perfect when you're feeding kids or trying to keep fit?

All the techniques you're looking for to make the perfect anything, or improve on a recipe, can be provided by all the other foodies haunting the site. Their featured recipe right now is called Fabulous Nanaimo Bars which couldn't help but call my attention for resembling the Mountain Mogul bars I like from Mrs. Fields.

Now I'm really itching to own an oven! Meats are better when baked, see, and I've always really daydreamed of baking cookies and cakes and my kids will all be camping in the kitchen waiting for their first bite of my oven-fresh goodies. I shared this fantasy with MIL and she couldn't help but blush because she got to enjoy that with five kids who are such a fan of her cooking (not to mention nieces and nephews, and now, in-laws).

Oh, is also a great help in planning parties and shopping for ingredients. Just check out the site and see what I'm raving about!

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