Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Berks A-Meeting

Friends i've met through blogging, who have become real-life friends not because we've met in real life (since most of them live abroad and I have yet to meet them personally), but because we correspond everyday and they have helped me keep my sanity for years now, are planning an EB sometime around fall. They are planning to start the EB in New York (to truly feel the 'autumn in New York' magic) and end it in South Carolina. This way, most of them are going to be seeing each other and maybe even joyriding for a time to the next destination.

I am uber envious. I even kid them to send tickets my way so I could join them. And they have teased me some more by telling me that they're staying at Hilton Head South Carolina (they directed me to www.islandgetaway.com which is facilitating their reservations to Hilton Head). And I could see how their EB is being made easier by the site. Not only is it navigable, it also offers a lot of really helpful things (like maps!) for travellers who want to make the most of their trip. Now, every information they need for Hilton Head SC is at their fingertips, and they can now tempt others to come along by itemizing the many amenities they expect to enjoy there. (If truth be told, golf courses are enough incentive for some of our friends.)

It's really a great thing, the internet, as it allows for easier planning. Now, if only it also helps me join my friends this fall.

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