Friday, May 09, 2008

Seven's Heaven

Our beloved son turned seven months old two days ago. He weighs 7.7 kilos and is, I think, some 68 cms. long. He now has a habit of standing up using anything for support, then removing his hands and supporting his weight using his knees (it started with him using his chest, then his tummy). Sometimes, when he feels like it, he wows us with several heart-stopping seconds of him standing up on his own.

To save our backs, we've also let him use a walker. Firt thing he did was walk towards the computer and yank at the cables of the webcam... then move onto the TV and push on its many buttons. He still doesn't really like being put on his pen and absolutely hates the heat... so we leave him clothes-less during the day. If he's especially antsy, we turn the aircon on again.

He loved the Baguio weather. He gnawed on the wooden headboard like some rat chipmunk. And I don't know but women from all walks of life seem to really find him charming. I know I always smile at babies, but these women literally play with him and BORROW HIM to carry him. He actually has more pictures being carried by someone else other than me. (but that's gonna change!)

On the drive home from Baguio, he kissed me twice. At first, I thought it was an accident, him smacking his lips on my lips and giving me an adoring smile after. But he repeated it two hours later. :)

He still doesn't like Baby Einstein videos and preferred gnawing at books instead of listening to me read them. Not even interested in the pictures. And he still doesn't care for massages.

But he loves playing ball with his Pappie. He'd laugh gaily when Pappie jumps around as if he's playing soccer, and laugh even more when I help him 'kick' the ball too.

Unfortunately for him... nobody had the energy to cook something special for him. So I just bought packed spaghetti from MealStop and a petite choco mousse cake from Goldilocks (since we spent lots on our Baguio trip and I just paid my tuition).


I am super stoaked and touched for winning the Mother's Day Contest by Ging Lorenzo. It's not even the prize that's making me all giddy, but the appreciation of something I wrote... and the acknowledgment of something I am passionate about: motherhood. There isn't a day that goes by that I didn't feel insecure, overwhelmed, floundering... so this is such a nice affirmation :)

Now... am looking forward to having Ging and EJ work their magic on me so i'd stop looking like a maid/ragged old lady.

Oh and another of Life's Mother's Day gifts to me... I am finally getting sleep! Been enjoying it so much, thus the lack of bloghops.

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