Friday, May 30, 2008

The First Family Vacation

Not only did our trip to Baguio refresh us, it also realized dreams for Jojo and me... you know, dreams of someday going places with our very own family.

See, my parents never brought us anywhere. We'd go to the beach with my mom's colleagues in the summer, or with my father's clan, but we never had a family vacation.

Hubs, on the other hand, enjoyed vacations at their resthouse in Marinduque, or a family friend's resthouse in Bataan. But they also never really had family vacations as well.

So talks about going to Baguio, for example, remained unrealized.

So one weekend almost a month ago, given a choice between joining hubs' family at their resthouse in Marinduque (with his siblings and the whole team his BIL leads) and going on our own vacation, we opted to strike out on our own. Hubs took the Monday off and we drove to Baguio very early Saturday morning.

We sooo had a blast. Even Yakee was happy with the change of scenery. So happy in fact that he decided to leave his mark on the headboard of our hotel bed by gnawing on it like a chipmunk. Oh and we relished the cold weather! :)

Here are some pictures that should be absolutely shared :)

At Cordillera Coffee

Yakee is so into breasts, isn't he?

Baby Jojo happy with the strawberry taho

Making his mark

If that isn't cute, I don't know who is!

Of course, we didn't plan this trip that well so we spent a lot (around P10k, including accommodations, food and pasalubong). But I am absolutely thrilled with the prospect of planning future family trips... going on joyrides and just trying out new places with my family. (my friend does that with her family, whenever her husband gets some extra money, they just pack their bags and drive anywhere for a weekend)

I even have to admit, I had done more research for our next family vacation than Yakee's first birthday party... to think our next vacation is still in December!

I really wish we can keep this up... I firmly believe it would make for closer family ties because you learn so much about each other when you travel. Plus, long drives make for wonderful conversation opportunities.

Reviews of the place we stayed in, places we visited and ate in can be found here. All the pictures are here, and yes, I am holding the cam usually.

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