Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sick and Teething

I don't know if my cousin and Yakee caught a virus when they bought ice cream... or I brought one home. Anyway, we all started manifestings cold symptoms late Tuesday afternoon. Yakee registered a fever in the wee hours of Wednesday morning once but that was just it.

I knew he had colds because he couldn't breastfeed and sleep properly. His breathing sounded off too.

Then he started coughing some yesterday. Now he's coughing most of the time and his nose gets runny half the time. I still haven't brought him to the pedia though, but I did buy the meds his pedia texted me to use. My selfish reasoning, it's been drizzling all the time and hubs isn't here to accompany us... and Yakee doesn't have a fever and he's playing and all still.

But talk about putting the fuss in fussy! My niece and nephew were the ones who pointed out to me that there is a new tooth bursting out of his gums. Hay.

I am torn between being the super worried Mom... and trusting my maternal instincts. I just hope my instincts are right about not bringing him to the pedia because of his colds. And it's not really because I didn't want to waste money because Yakee has a health card... i'm more against the idea of bundling him up in this erratic weather to wait in some lounge where he'd be kicking up a fuss.

I'm crossing my fingers... and shamelessly, I have to admit to some glee that the decongestant made him sleep more easily.

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