Friday, June 13, 2008

Do We Take After Our Parents?

Official entry to the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival.

There are so many things our parents did right. Like valuing honest pay for honest work. And believing in God. And being mindful of elders. Valuing education.. Being observant of traditions.

But hubs and I have agreed already that there's a lot of room for improvement as to how those things were inspired in us. So we intend to really have constant dialogues with our kids. And I will be a SAHM to be there for the kids, and not to be the family shopper, cook, gardener, laundry lady. And I will not stagnate as a person, and my husband will not have more say in family matters just because he's the one earning more.

Hopefully, we will not resort to violence, whether by spanking or verbal abuse, in disciplining our children. But we will discipline the best we know how. And we alone will qualify certain things about our family, like what spoiling or depriving our kids will entail. Not our parents. Not our friends. Certainly not our enemies and faceless strangers.

Hubs and I hope to someday own properties, just like our parents. But we'd rather invest in the present family bonding times than on a future enjoyment that isn't assured.

And we'd rather indoctrinate our children to do good by example, not because we told them to.

But most of all, hubs and I vow to continue loving each other and be more concerned about keeping our relationship thriving. Because we want to remain in love. And we want to be happier in our marriage ten, twenty, fifty years from now. Because parenting will be a lot easier when the kids see truly united, happy parents.

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