Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eight is Infinity

Our darling Yakee turned eight months last Saturday. It was the first time he didn't have a cake with his noodles but that's okay, we still had a feast anyway. Nothing he could eat, however. But we did give him some wheat bread, hehe. And apple juice.

At eight months, he has four teeth and stands up all the time on his own. We stopped letting him use the walker because it results in more chaos at home, we just let him crawl all over the place instead. Mind you, he still wreaks a lot of havoc that way. We still don't know what he loves to eat because it seems he keeps changing his mind. One day he'd like pasta so much, the next day he'd keep gagging on it. He loves sayote, at least.

He babbles a lot... doesn't really talk yet but mostly associates ma-me-mi sounds to me, pa-pe-pi and ba-be-bi sounds to his Pappie, and da-de-di sounds to nursing. He's also just recently realized he can close-open his hands at will. It's real funny watching him watch his own hands closing and opening.

He is more demanding of me. And he already knows the people in his life and would sometimes be a sorry sight, crying over me, my cousin and Pappie at the same time. As if he wants all of us to stay put in one place, whoever goes results in whimpers from him. Not that he's turned into a crybaby.

He's also settled into a sleeping routine. He starts crying at around 9 PM and he has to be bathed and nursing within 15 minutes of that, otherwise, he'd have a harder time settling down.

He still doesn't prefer any one toy. Talk about short attention span. And, like many babies before him, he actually prefers pots and pans and bowls and spoons over his actual toys. He absolutely loves the Kung Fu Fighting MTV (for the Kung Fu Panda movie). And shampoo commercials.

He still hates wearing shoes.

with the birthday lunch

with cousin Ice

with cousin Iya at Fontana

Hubs and I are amazed at how quickly time has flown... before, we couldn't imagine how we'd get through the nighttime squalling, but now, our boy is as interactive and demanding as could be. When he wants something that's taken away from him, he growls at us. When he's really intent though, he goes after us with a chomp.

And his smile is still the most beautiful thing God had ever thought to create.

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