Friday, June 13, 2008

Mommy Needs Avenging

Yakee bit me. On the arm! Real bad! Bad enough to leave teeth marks! Bad enough to get red. And now to look bruised.

I'm just waiting for Pappie to defend me and avenge me on our son. Sniff. Maybe I should really find a support group for abused Moms.



Yakee reminds me of Boo (from Monsters, Inc.) very much... or some pet that you feed. I seldom let him hold his cookies anymore because they just end up crumbly and all over the place, so I just snap them into chewable pieces and feed them to Yakee. And my son will allow himself to be left in his pen to play by himself so long as I pop food and water in his mouth, much like Boo getting thrown biscuits to stay happy.

After our Pampanga trip, he also just insists on being fed all the time. I'm still trying to gauge though if his milk intake has dropped or not... but he insists on still nursing after every meal. Let's just hope it's not just him using me as a human teether.

Now, back to being avenged.

If truth be told, am sure the little tyke will just receive a hundred more kisses from his father for biting me. Tsk!

Then again, I showered him with kisses myself after the incident. So yikes, I know, i'm his co-dependent!

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