Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pappie, is it alright?

Is it alright, Pappie
do you mind
that I made you the way you are?
more lacking in sleep
and rest now
more pressured to provide?
with less time for yourself
and more fears in your heart
I took away your peace of mind,
and insist on play
and demand attention
in the dead of night.

Is it alright, Pappie
do you mind
me making you
the way you are?
more tired than ever
and overly preoccupied
with my health
my well-being
that I may never feel deprived
with all your plans
and affecting little me
and your arms and back
go aching
till I sleep eventually.

There are so many things
I still don't know how to do
i'm still learning
still growing
still dependent on you
and ahead are more days
and weeks and years
of me testing you
your temper
your patience
your belief in God too.

So, Pappie, is it alright?
do you mind?
that I made a father out of you?
If it's any consolation
Mommy says
she's never been
more in love with you
and that she wants me growing up
and taking after you
to be as gentle, as kind
as loving and true.

I still cannot say it yet,
how much I love you so
in the meantime
when I smile
and get a twinkle in my eye
know i'm telling you
you're my hero.

Happy Father's Day Mahal! And in case you need to be reminded of how far you've come, and how much farther still you have to as Pappie...

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