Friday, June 06, 2008

Ten Random Things About Hubs (Pappie Jojo)

I was tagged by Sujee and Kathy but since i've already done this tag before, I decided to just modify it... and seeing as it's Father's Month this June, i'd just exploit all I know about hubs instead. :D

1) Baby Jojo is the eldest of five kids. Their youngest (Luis) is thirteen years old and he shares his birthday with our son. Hubs took care of all his siblings.

2) He is a technical manager at Jebsen & Jessen. Their clients are mostly banks and call centers. Their company sells, installs, maintains VOIP and telephony systems.

3) He is a gadget freak. If he can have his way, he'd have been tinkering with an Astone something right now (that Asus eee competition that's also a tablet PC?).

4) He sort of collects laptop bags! And he refuse to throw any away even if he isn't using them anymore.

5) He can't read books in paper form anymore. They all have to be in .pdf form and he reads from his PDA.

6) He'd prefer sleeping over eating anytime (I'm the opposite).

7) Top fave foods: barbecues, sandwiches and pasta. I don't like barbecues but I love making sanwich spreads, which he really appreciates.

8) When he was still a baby, he woke up his aunt by suckling on her toe. Just a month ago, Yakee gnawed on my foot. Yeah, my son takes after him.

9) He was a very well-behaved boy. His Mom says that you can leave him in a corner and trust him to remain there. He preferred tinkering with things over playing and fooling around.

10) He adores his Mom, his maternal grandma, and me. And of course, he is in love with our son.

I am not tagging anyone anymore.... but feel free to pick this modivied version up and honor your husbands :)

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