Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Serious Conversations

Hubs and I have a tendency to be morbid. I'm guessing most couples don't even talk of the scenarios we talk about. But like what I tell hubs, I like talking about those scenarios not because I want to dwell on their possibilities, but because they ARE possibilities that are bound to still catch me off guard and the conversations we're having now would at least serve as a sort of anchor when we're feeling lost at sea.

One of the bigger nightmares we talk about is having one of us die sometime soon. I think it's a scenario that haunts my Mom very much too, esply since I am now a SAHM. What if hubs dies, leaving me with a child (or children) and no job?

Well, that was considered when we agreed i'd be a SAHM. Aside from hubs having an insurance plan I can fall back on, he also has pretty well-off parents who would rather die than know their grandson is not provided for. So, although I am not exactly expecting my in-laws to support us, I trust that they will help in any way they can. Plus I know my parents would be there for me as well. Plus, one of the incentives hubs' company offers is several months-worth of his current salary if he dies while working for them. So, all these things will buy me time to grieve and land on my feet before I join the workforce again to support my family.

And if I die, I also have two insurance plans to help them along. And am sure my MIL would only be too happy to help my husband raise my son while he works.

I asked hubs if he ever thought or worried that I might not be able to give our son a comfortable life if he dies on us. He thought about it, and then said NO, because he knows my standards of comfort and my issues with security.

And of course, I need not worry as well because I know of hubs' issues about being a good provider.


I told hubs that what concerns me most if I die way before he does (or anytime soon) is his happiness. Because I want my kids to be raised by happy parents. And I worry that he might not get married again (hehe) and end up depriving himself of another chance at love (and depriving our kids with a chance at growing up with a mother). I've promised to haunt him naman if he marries someone very unsuitable.


Of course, there could be other things that can challenge our family... like long, drawn out battles with serious illnesses that will gnaw at our finances and spirit.

But love will find a way for us, am sure of it.

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