Saturday, July 05, 2008

Two Sick, One Success

Yakee has roseola infantum. Since we're past the fever now, we just have to deal with the rashes (and hopefully it's connected, his lack of appetite and tantrums).

I, on the other hand, suffered from gastroenteritis early today. As in stomach cramping, diarrhea and vomiting from 1-5 AM. I'm feeling loads better now but my tummy is still not really good. This led hubs and I to start kidding each other that I might b preggy again because the only time I ever had similar problems was when I was preggy. Normally, my stomach is a hardy one.

But anyway, tapsilog is banned for the meantime at home...

And may I proudly share that Pappie Jojo passed his ACE exam (it's a certification in IT that basically says he's an IP telephony expert). Their boss is just as ecstatic as we are!!! I am really happy for my beloved because he's managed to accomplish one of his targets for the year. And yes, it means some incease in pay, hehe.

Have a happy weekend! Hoepfully I can bloghop soon.

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