Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gone Too Soon...

... his babyhood, that is.

Although, yes, technically, he's still a baby. But it really does feel like he was only a peaceful, sleeping baby for a day. Infanthood seems wasted on recovering-from-pregnancy Moms and adjusting-to-crying-baby Dads because we don't get to appreciate those moments as much as we can now (when we're fully rested some days).

We so miss those days when Yakee would just lay still in our arms (mind you, he only ever laid still when he was sleeping). Now, he's always wriggling away and his sleep is always riddled with separation anxiety cries.

thank heavens for big basins, Mommy doesn't have to bring out his pool when he wants some splash action

Yakee sleeping beside Sirius, his dog

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